Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Work Related Injuries

A work-related injury is a traumatic experience. If you are injured on the job or have been exposed to an occupational disease in the course and scope of your employment, the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law can provide some relief from the worry and financial strain of being injured and off work due to an injury.

We regularly help workers who have suffered:

  • Back and neck disc injuries
  • Shoulder, wrist, knee or ankle injuries
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other repetitive motion disorders
  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) or other pain complexes

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law is a way you can obtain compensation when you get hurt or become ill at work. It functions to replace income when you are off from work and can help get you back to work. While not all injuries that occur on the job are compensable due to the circumstances, many are.

Additionally, the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law can provide you compensation for what are called “Occupational Diseases”. These are work-related illnesses that occur as a result of work over a period of time or work exposure. Probably the best-known occupational disease is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but occupational diseases may also include communicable diseases, industrial hearing loss, and other repetitive motion disorders.

Missouri law requires most employers to carry insurance, which pays, at no cost to you, for the following benefits:

  • Medical Care – All costs for authorized medical testing, treatment and surgeries, prescriptions and medical devices to cure and relieve the work related injury;
  • Mileage – Payments for travel reimbursement if you are sent for treatment that is outside the local area from your principal place of employment
  • Payment for Lost Wages – If a doctor says that you are unable to work while you are recovering from the work related injury you may be entitled to either Temporary Total or Temporary Partial Disability benefits; and
  • Compensation for Permanent Disability – Once you have been determined to be at maximum medical improvement for your work injury, you may be entitled to either Permanent Partial or Permanent Total Disability benefits

Missouri’s Second Injury Fund can also help an injured worker when a current work-related injury combines with a prior disability to create an increased combined disability. After a consultation, we can help you determine whether you are entitled to any Workers’ Compensation benefits.

How can I afford a Lawyer?

You do not need money to talk to us about your workers’ compensation case, and you do not need money to hire us to represent you in your workers’ compensation case. We offer free initial consultations. If we accept representation in your case, we will take your case on a “contingency fee” basis, meaning that we will be paid on the basis of a percentage of the money that we obtain for you in the case.

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